Radically Rethinking the Golf Course

Par 3. Par 4. Par 5. Hmm. There are other options. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a golf course where you tee off from a mountain and watch the ball soar and bounce and bounce toward the hole a mile away? You hop in your Jeep and zoom after it. Maybe the hole’s par 19. But the next hole is just 11 feet long, par 1. No way to get a birdie on that baby. Most radical of all: The totally tree-obstructed fairway. That’s right, solid towering forest for 200 yards straight ahead. OK, the trunks will be spaced and the branches trimmed just enough that it’s possible to laser your way, oh, 50 yards at a time. Or, you could take the reckless approach and do that whack-away-and-pray-for-a-richochet-routine. Helmets and padded apparel provided. Teeing off from under a waterfall might also be refreshing. Any other way to have a hole be underwater? Oh, how about a hover hole? A hole in a sand trap? A bank shot off a cliff?

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