Short “Break Size” Cigarettes That Pack Sideways

Gasp. I can’t believe I’m posting this idea, since it could encourage smoking. But (a) I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been thought of already, and (b) if not, it might actually reduce smoking or some of the risks. Simple thought: Instead of cancer sticks as long as a pack’s longest dimension, make them only as long as the width. (So they fit sideways, not lengthwise.) Advantages: Instead of 20, you’d get about 26 for the same price. Being shorter, they’d be easier to finish during a break. Cutting the length also means cutting off the riskiest part of a cigarette, the end where tars build up. Moreover, if the smoker maintains the same number each week, that means less actual smoking. Disadvantage: The “miniature” candy effect, where you end up indulging more often because you know each helping is less.

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