Reality TV: Who Wants to Be a Consultant?

World’s easiest job, right? Probably not, but doesn’t everybody think so? “I drive a car, so why couldn’t I tell Ford or Chevy how to improve cars, and get paid for it?” Well, let’s give a bunch of regular people just that chance. Each week, they visit another major corporation (can you say sponsors, boys and girls?), and share ideas about new ventures. Whoever comes up with the best idea each week, ca-ching! (cliche alert!), here’s a check/percentage/royalty payment/lifetime supply. Forget the weekly elimination, unless each eliminee (reminder: check dictionary) is replaced to give some new housewife/trucker/nurse/teacher/cop a chance. Better yet, each person can hired on the spot, and then gets replaced, making it a game show that never ends. Gotta include the home player! You mail in your ideas, and you could win a prize, too … or get invited for the next open slot.

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