Isn’t It Time Someone Invented a Peace Weapon?

Seriously. Instead of dropping a bomb on your nasty neighbor, you drop some gas that makes them happy. Laughing gas. Or an anti-depressant. Or some kind of wonder enlightenment tonic to drop in the water. Or could this be the worst weapon of all, because it could be a way to quell all resistance to invaders? Not if it’s made available to both sides, because the invaders could quickly be made to lose their will to conquer peaceful people. Why not? Why not spend millions on this instead of diabolical ways to maim and kill? It’s OK to damage the body but not OK to mess with minds? Huh? Violence always messes with minds. If it’s possible to build an atom bomb, it’s got to be possible to tweak some already-known parts of the pharmacopia to create be-benign agents. Heck, if it was really safe and effective, people might voluntarily it buy for themselves and all their friends, as well as their enemies.

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