Name for Giant Hogweed Treatment

Toxic Giant Hogweed as seen on Cross Country Road near Bancroft, OntarioYes, there’s a noxious plant called Giant Hogweed. Better at popping out itchy blisters than poison ivy, supposedly. Can even cause blindness, some sites say. It’s cropping up in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, other states, and Canada. (Shot this photo of it outside Bancroft, Ontario.) Here’s my idea: Whoever develops an ointment to prevent or treat it could call it Hogwash. OK, maybe this belongs in my bad ideas, since you probably wouldn’t trust a product called Hogwash. But, hey, it’d get noticed and remembered, yes? Especially if you say it’s to treat or prevent those blisters called “Hogwarts.” Apologies to J.K. Rowling.

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