Ideas for Regular Newspaper Features

Alas, newspapers grow ever shorter on space, so it is with no great anticipation I share some ideas for features that readers might find of some interest. Consider this Part 1 of a series.

Contest Mania. Who isn’t interested in free money and merchandise, ways to win them, and people who have done so? Are there strategies to improve your odds of winning a jackpot? What’s the best legal setup if you hold a winning ticket? Does anybody ever win those secret code under the bottlecap giveaways? Lots of stories and advice, with news of the latest contests.

What’s That in Your Shopping Cart? Have a freelancer stop in a big fancy market, camera at the ready, and look for usual purchases. Ask the person about the product, how it’s used (get the recipe!), why it’s a favorite. Variation:  What’s That in Your Fridge? Only this time, ask well-known local people what’s in their fridge at the moment. Appeals to nosy curiosity about both people and products.

How to Save 50 Bucks Bring the high-falutin money-advice industry back to Earth, by offering simple everyday ways to save or make money. Could be anything: preventive maintenance on a car, tax tips, when and where to save on gas, how discounts can cost in the long-run, why you shouldn’t pay for extended warranties, new life out of old toys … 

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