NBC Ought to Do ‘Reality’ Version of ‘My Name Is Earl’

NBC’s My Name Is Earl has a great concept: Misjudged but semi-lovable jerkwad gets hit by car after winning the lottery, knocking this bit of sense into his brain: Better make amends for your rotten life, or karma will get you. Well, why not find a real-life Earl, and have him make up his real life of all kinds of people he needs to perform some generous act of penance for, or at least apologize to. Sure, cameras will be running, ruining any hope of an honest experiment, but that’s the nature of ‘reality’ TV, yes? By the way, I’d like to apologize to two people on my list, a high school friend who thinks I betrayed him (I kind of did, but not as badly as he probably thinks), and a memorable woman I got close to in college for too brief a time (sorry, it wasn’t you … I get scared off by the invite to do mescaline.)   

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