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What good do ideas do gathering dust in a drawer, bogarting electron holes on a disk? No good. So might as well share them. Maybe they can do you some good. Not asking anything in return.

See an idea you like? Just call “dibs.” Post a comment staking your claim, along with enough info to show you’re serious, hopefully deterring imitators. Return from time to time to post updates, renewing your “dibs.” If you give up, please return to let folks know, helping the next guy by sharing your story. Obligatory disclaimer/warning: This is a suggested honor system, relying on good will, trust and faith, without any guarantees.

My PhotoAbout the Author, Peter Mucha

  I fail a lot. Yup. I wrote two kids’ novels that haven’t found a publisher. Designed a dozen or more games, only had 1 published. In Finland. About 100 ideas I pitched at work got rejected (and ultimately so did I). OK, I have a good job, good family, and my heart condition hasn’t killed me yet. And I have won a few awards for writing such headlines as “Yabba Dabba Doodles” for a story prehistoric cave art. But, you see, I just know all these ideas that come to me must be good for something more than a laugh. Since I’m not savvy enough, rich enough (in time or money), or brave enough to turn these dreams into reality, well, here, grab a dream and run with it.

By the way, this picture of me was drawn by my aspiring comic-artist daughter, Corinne. See more of her work at maidenhousefly.com.

Any held back? Sure. Gotta have my own dreams and secrets. So, at least for now, I’m holding onto ideas for card and board games I’ve already designed, or have realistic hopes of finishing someday. Also not divulging notions for novels or other books that feel right for me to write. Lastly, I just have this thing about giving away ideas that might make rich companies richer. So, sorry, Dunkin’ Donuts, not telling about a neat new product line for you. Not quite ready to reveal my innovations in laptop computers and licorice. (Two ideas. Not talking candy keyboards here.) Am I open to a deal? Sure … if there’s a charitable payoff. (This experiment is about giving, not getting.) I’d love to show how to teach creativity in schools, with lessons like “100 Ways to Get Godzilla to the Other Side of the Great Wall of China.” (An exercise I finally posted.) I’d love to see my half-dozen word games (plus assorted puzzles) help foster children’s literacy. I’d love to help kids and poor neighborhoods generate ideas … and profitable futures. Not sure what to do. Gotta think this through. …


5 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Good job…hold on to this website…how about e-mailing it to Oprah??? Check out Hungrygirl.com…hey, if she can make it big (no pun intented as you’ll note her site is for people who like to eat but should watch what they eat) so can you!!!

  2. Peter and his website RULE!! I came upon it randomly. I just lost a job I HATED and am trying to figure some things out. I write alot, always have, but have never really done anything with it. Peter suggested I start a blog. He said, “You should start a blog!”. I said, “that’s a great idea! How in the world does one go about starting that??” Peter told me, and I went for it, went with it, and it’s been three days now – the blog is turning out to be an incredible creative outlet for my thoughts and writings, and we’ll see if anything comes out of it! Just wanted to say thank you again, and let anyone who visits this site know that – Peter Mucha and his site ROCK!!!!!

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