Book: ‘Don’t Get Even, Get Over It’

Illustration of angry guy by Peter MuchaYou know the expression: “Don’t get mad, get even.” Now, while I do agree sometimes a little anger can be good, if it motivates some civil sticking-up for oneself, “getting even” is rarely the route to happiness. For anybody. Thus the idea for the book: Don’t Get Mad, Get Over It. I’d also like to see such a book, because I’d like to know how. I mean, some people and events have ticked me off, and I still get ticked off when I think about them. Wonder, though: Will angry people buy a book to help themselves? So maybe a more saleable title would be: How to Get Angry Family Members, Colleagues and Strangers to Calm Down. Or, heck, just make it How to Get Angry Men to Calm Down.

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