Wikipedia University logo with mortarboardInspired by an idea at, calling for a free or very cheap online college. Now some colleges do offer online degrees, but how about getting one from Wikipedia? It’d work like this: People add comprehension tests at the end of Wikipedia items. Each time you pass one, you’re get a score that’s stored in a database. Attain a designated number, and you’re a Wikipedia Master. Score more and get a Doctor of Wikipedia. Translating this into real-life help, like a job, might be difficult, but I’m seeing bragging rights, if not a TV or online quiz show. Sure, why not: Live Wikipedia knowledge contests, with prizes from sponsors! Or even honorary degrees from real colleges.

One thought on “Wikipedia University

  1. I thought that was a pretty interesting article that you linked to over at Should Exist. I agree that the costs of higher education necessarily exclude a lot of people, but I doubt that anyone’s going to put together a free online school with standards rigorous enough to match those of other bricks and mortar institutions.

    Wikipedia Master? I like it! I think I’d qualify, as I spend enough time gathering info from that site 😉

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