Idea Tennis

Hover Keg“Perhaps we could work together on something one of these days,” said a kind note from Drew Anderson of MoHDI, another ideas blog. Which gave me an idea: How about a game of Idea Tennis? You know how one idea can inspire another? Why couldn’t I lob one up, and then the ball’s in Andy’s court, to come up with a new yet somehow still related notion, then leave a link as a comment here. Two thoughts: Could be opened up to others. I mean anybody could write up a related idea, and link to it at the place where the inspiration arose. (Wouldn’t stop Andy and me from keeping the original two-way game going, of course.) Also, let’s document the “moves,” give them names like “flip” or “enlarge” or “shrink” or “cash in” or “help mankind,” and create a set of Idea Tennis cards that groups could play. Here’s my serve: The hover keg. Idea has for weeks had a picture up above, but never had an item. Of course, it would have a remote control, so it could move from room to room. Probably should be made of some lightweight material, because this sure is a lightweight idea! (Maybe that’s the first card: “Lightweight,” though “Portability” and “Convenience” fit too.)

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