For Halloween, Give Your House Giant Glowing Eyes

Giant Window Eyes for HalloweenIngredients: One house, with two upstairs windows; big black trash bags or large pieces of cardboard or poster board; large white, yellow or orange trash bags (for eyes). Simple idea: Block out the entire window using dark trash bags or cardboard EXCEPT for holes cut in the shape of giant eyes. Cover the eye cutouts with a light colored  plastic, or even semi-transparent blinds or shades. After dark, turn on the inside lights, and from outside the house will seem to have giant staring eyes! (Reminded of this thanks to another “big outdoor face” idea at MoHDI.)

One thought on “For Halloween, Give Your House Giant Glowing Eyes

  1. It might be cool to set up 2 projectors with several eyes drawn onto slides. Then the house could look as if it’s blinking or looking in different directions.
    If your house isn’t symmetrical you might consider placing a gigantic mirror in the middle of your house to make it appear even.

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