Busy Bodies Magazine

We’re all busy. Too busy to read. Too busy to exercise. Too busy to cook. Too busy to be smart shoppers, better lovers, better parents, etc., etc., etc. So why not a magazine for us? Everything in it is one page or less, and even that is presented in glanceable graphics form. Lots of briefs and blurbs and factoids and little photos with blurbs and one-liners and boxes. (Section/page names: Boxes & Briefs? Nuggets & Nutshells?) And it all has to be useful information. (OK, maybe a little gossip … for busybodies … on the grounds that it’s useful to keep up with such stuff.) Gotta have a helpful, easy-to-find, complete index, too. None of that time-wasting hide-and-seek stuff. Subtitle: 100+ Quick & Helpful Hints. 

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