Pizza Cutter for Vegetables

Wish I could buy one. But I can’t see it working with just one wheel/blade. Veggies could go flying everywhere. So give it three, four or five wheels, and maybe add some kind of outer rim to catch outer veggie bits trying to blast all over the kitchen floor. It would be like a power tool for celery. Maybe it would need a special bowl or collared cutting board, but the gear’d be so quick and cool, the expense would be worth it. Heck, go Heavy Metal Visigoth by adding blades every quarter-inch to a rolling pin! That’ll teach slide and dice even the orneriest carrots into instant submission.

2016 update: Similar devices found. Gefu makes what looks like a pizza cutter with four blades. More along the rolling pin idea is one that works on lettuce.

One thought on “Pizza Cutter for Vegetables

  1. For some reason the thought of one of those motorcycle spheres that they drive in at the circus comes to mind. You know the ball that people drive in. I wonder if you could have some sort of sphere that would hold the veggies then the blades could spin around the ball and freely cut the veggies inside. … I might have to draw a picture of this one.

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