Ultra Magic-8-Ball Idea Generator

The mother of all Magic 8 Balls. Has a much bigger window. And when you shake it and turn it over, three of the 20 message triangles float into view within that window. For example: “Edible.” “Music.” “Money.” Let it percolate. What bubbles into your brain? Edible Music? Song lyrics printed on flat candy? Chocolates shaped like notes? Music Money? Put different musicians on $2 bills, and I bet more people would use them. Make a piggy bank so different notes are made by different coins. Edible Music Money? Fill a book with stickers from fruits and vegetables and earn points worth Farm Aid tickets and albums. Cash ’em in or donate to the needy. Could, of course, be a Virtual Ultra Magic-8-Ball Idea Generator that exists online. Anybody help me write the code?

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