YouTube TV ReRun Redos

More networks are dispensing their shows online. (It’s a desperate attempt to build audience for lame shows, says Philadelphia Daily News.) Well, if shows are so lame, why not let the nation’s amateur online talents have a crack at improving them? Lots of people make YouTube videos. And lots of people do some funny PhotoShopping at (Here’s a bunch of variantions on a vampire-repellent kit.) So why not hold a contest, letting folks redo old reruns, mixing and matching if desired, to create the best Rerun Redos, and run the best ones as a new kind of TV show, with lots of the runners-up (and raunchier submissions) on the Web? Do specials of new shows, too. Bet some folks would completely improve some of that formulaic dreck, even create a whole new genre of TV. Book it!  

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