More Ideas for Books

These book ideas I wrote down years ago might not be worth stealing, but maybe they’ll help you fire up a better one. 

Where’s Jesus? Like Where’s Waldo? but for religious types.

Helpful Hints From O.J. Simpson Chapters (without admitting anything!) include How to Cut and Juke Your Way to Freedom, How to Hide Incriminating Knives, How to Drive a Ford Bronco With a Police Chopper Overhead, and How to Make Fashion Accessories Seem Not to Fit.

The Book of Dumb and Dumber Questions  Maybe real questions librarians have been asked. Maybe not. Such as “Was Mount Rushmore a natural formation?” “Where’s absentia?” “Why didn’t Mr. Ed do talk shows?”

The Wit & Wisdom of Hieronymous Anonymous 

How to Lose Your Job: A Guide to Dodging Blame. No guts? No good excuse? No golden parachute? But you gotta get out of that place? Here’s how to escape the drudgery dungeon, retain some compensation even get recommendations, and yet avoid all finger-pointing. Sorry, I don’t know to do this. That’s why you’re free to steal it.

Omniscience Till now, no novel has had a truly omniscient narrator. Here’s one that knows and tells everything! Every nasty habit, health problem, lie, thought, future event. Can it be made nauseating enough to be fascinating?

Writing Myself Back to Life  Our hero-narrator gets kicked out of his own novel! By his wife, a teacher, an editor, magical forces or maybe all of the above. Then he has to write his way back in.

I Don’t Deserve a Happy Ending This narrator has something wonderful happen, so wonderful he feels it’s not fair. So he sets about to find Fate and correct the situation. Dilemma: End it unhappily, as he wishes? Or maybe him unhappy with the happiest of all endings?

The Caterpillar Who Didn’t Want to Be a Butterfly

The Intergalactic Zookeeper The brilliant horse aliens come and demand we free their kin. But they have pet people who are just dumb monkeys, and they won’t deal.

When Good Things Happen to Other People

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture Story about a screenwriter who goes to great lengths to get his novel turned into a movie. 

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