Newspaper Rescue Cont’d: Talk-Radio in Type

Not saying Rush Limbaugh should hold court on your editorial pages. (Not knocking that, either.) Asking how the energy and give-and-take of the best radio talk could swiped and put in print. (1) Column of best bits of the Morning Zoos. (2) Host online chats, and slap some of the lively dialogue in print. (3) Do team writing, or team talking, with transcripts of the forum-like topic-hopping conversations. (4) Have contests. Throw out a question. Best answer / 50th caller (to newspaper number) wins a prize. (5) Do stunts. Dress up in the most creative costume, and we’ll put your picture in the paper. (6) How can we put music in print? Either put the newspaper on CD, or have some kind of barcode you scan. Perhaps using your cell  phone. It recognizes the code, or hooks into a Web link, and presto, you listen to a song or speaker without putting down your paper. (Have seen and heard ideas similar to this.) (7) Write a rambling column that skips around between all sorts of newsy bits and commentaries. Sounds nutty, but might be fun and even an effective of putting highlights first, then elaborating later for those who want more. 

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