No, I’m not talking about burning off calories by talking. Just seems that exercise would be more fun if it had an element of socializing. Noisy machines, regimented classes, the need to grunt while weightlifting, the love of quiet in yoga … they all work against talking. So why not design routines to be compatible with conversation? First, have participants stand in a circle, so they can all face each other. Then pass around a subject (celebrity gossip, funny stories, TV topics) while passing around various objects (ball, rope, juggling batons). One person could move to the middle while telling a story. Have to use lots of gestures for aerobic benefits. Selling point of talking: breath control. Incorporate laughing, as in laughing yoga. Call it Chattercise. (Hello-bics? Pal-ates?) Get the right comedian or bubbly actress babe to star on the tapes, and, boom, an instant hit! Media would start talking, too … even demonstrating on morning TV shows. 

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