Paypal Piggy Banks & Advertising Coins

Let’s hope that ads eventually make all Internet sites free. But now you’ll find publications like magazines that charge dollars for reading current articles, or for accessing archives. How about some ecoonomy of scale? Charge way less, so you get more customers, producing as much revenue if not more. Here’s a way for Paypal, or someone other online paying system, to do just that: The virtual piggie-bank. You fill it with virtual coins that you drag and drop into virtual slots. It makes a ch-ching or coin-dropping sound, of course. And here a penny, there a penny, you get access that’s close to, but not quite free. Since pennies add up, of course, you’d want this system to keep track, even let you impose some kind of daily/weekly/monthly limit. I hope to illustrate this by posting a few coins you really can drag and drop. Better yet, create Ad Coins: You “pay” by dragging and dropping a coin with an advertiser’s logo or message, calling attention to a product or brand. C’mon, you know if somebody’s not working on that idea right now, it’ll happen soon. 

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