Stephen King Abridged

Yes, Stephen King is right: His fans like long books. People like suspense, and lengthy books prolong it. But the busy and/or lazy among us might also become fans if half-as-long versions of his golden oldies were available. (Call the line “All the horror in half the time.”) Reader’s Digest once published a series of “condensed books,” but there were mostly literary classics. Do the same for popular best-sellers, like King’s tales, and the format might be more successful, breathing new life into old titles. Heck, could even do the opposite: Publish extra-long versions. (Like a movie with added scenese.) A publicity-generating challenge.

One thought on “Stephen King Abridged

  1. This could be a good idea if iBooks ever really catch on… Or if those cheap iNewspapers or iPaper ever come to fruition. Maybe you would have rough drafts you could read too, like behind the FX on film dvds

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