Brainstorming Starter: Super Powers

Find a need and fill it is the old inventing adage. In an era of the sky’s the limit, maybe it should be find a fantasy and fulfill it. Skip the obvious sex and love stuff. Instead, really imagine the limits of what’s possible. Ask: If you could have any one super power, what would it be? There’s a real starter list for inventive thinking: Super strength (a powered arm brace?) … invisibility (people are working on this) … being in two places at once (record yourself as an interactive program that could virtually attend a meeting?) … reading other’s minds (wi-fi implants eventually) … the power to predict the future (people forecasting programs?) … the ability to walk through walls … supermemory (implantable chips) … willful forgetting (already some drugs that help with this) … But don’t take these things literally. Apply them figuratively to situations in your business. What figurative walls block your path? How can you walk through them?

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