How the Dead Could Blog

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) would have made a great blogger.Here’s a wild, catchy idea: Start a blog by dead people. Blog of the Living Dead. Not talking zombies, but people who lived in the past. They wrote like crazy … letters, journals, essays. Even old song lyrics. The idea would be to excerpt any writings that sound the most like blogs. Personal confessions. Like the new Ernest Hemingway-Marlena Dietrich letters. A plus: Lots of this stuff would be beyond copyright problems. Idea could also be re-applied to fictional characters. Start a blog by Romeo or Juliet … Could re-blog the great novels, plays and movies. Search-engine friendly too, with so many celebrity names. Problem: Would take me too much research to find all the best stuff. Needs a real historian/lover of arts and letters. Mark Twain (left) would have made a great blogger.

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