Re-creating Creationism

Either Something can be created from Nothing, or Everything always was. Even throw God into the mix: Either He was created himself, or He always was. (Or, as I suspect, we’re so stuck on this “time” illusion, we’re totally off the track, because there is only “is,” never was a “was.”) Here’s my point: Begin at the true beginning. Not with the Big Bang. But with the study of whether matter and energy ever emerge justGravity is a Push button from emptiness. And if so, how. Quantum mechanics talks of “virtual particles” flitting in and out of space. Stephen Hawking, I believe, suggested such virtual pairs, one partner pulled into a black hole, the other surviving, could, in effect, turn a black hole “white,” making it radiate. Is this the true Creationism? Do such particles partner serendipitously and latch onto lifespans? Some calculations of the inherent energy of space, I’ve read, are so astronomical (pun intended) that physicists ignore it. But could the way the virtual-particle world becomes real explain all sorts of current mysteries? Where did the stuff come from that caused the Big Bang? What stops light from exceeding its speed limit? And exactly what is gravity? Could gravity be a push? Caused by the crowded virtual engine called space, but blocked by the knots in space-time known as mass? Would that explain the apparent accelerating expansion of the known universe? Makes one wonder about experiments: Does the shape and size of a gravitional attractor affect its attraction? Or does such an experiment exist in black holes? By size and shape alone, seems they’d hardly block the push of space. I have another farout gravity theory, I’ll post another time. Gravity is just a kind of Certainty Principle. Also: Is there a way to tell if the mass of the universe is increasing, too? Note: Don’t mistake such explorations as more than shots in the dark. Not asserting any truths. Just following the trajectory of my, well … Idea Creationism.)

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