The Flat-Screen Revolution

The world as you see will be radically changed by the Flat-Screen Revolution. J.K. Rowling had it right: People will move in paintings and newspaper pictures. But take it further: Imagine how decals with moving images would make race cars even more of a visual riot. Billboards will move. Bumper stickers. (Once wrote a sci-fi story about this on a lunar colony I could share.) If it gets to clothing, the possibilities are staggering. T-shirts with messages you change for situations: Visit from mom, walking through the neighborhood, poker game with crazy friends. Newspapers will use conductive inks to have “touch” buttons that change not only pictures, but stories. Heck, it’ll just be a one-page laptop, and you change with strategic taps. Flat-screen publishing & advertising could be the boom business of the future.

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