‘Steal My Ideas’ Stolen?!

No, can’t say that. (Similarities can always be coincidence, not just the sincerest form of flattery.) But I came across two other “Steal My Ideas” sites. Cool!

Steal My Ideas: It’s Like I Rubbed My Brain All Over This Thing: Paul Bertino’s brain rubbings include some evolving Jesus mystery painting (Jesus as the Grim Reaper?), a Captive Soda Straw (good idea, drawing captures it nicely), two weightless backpacks (the first is funny with a fan-umbrella gizmo), and a Lefty Pen, which I’m surprised never occurred in any way to me, since I too’m a lefty.

Steal My Ideas: MIT-bound Michael Ciuffo’s more of gizmo-gadget guy. Like a Car-Powered Generator, a Hamster Wheel Bed and the very funny College Tuition Clock (So far, we’ve spend $8730.55 on you GET TO WORK”). But he also suggests Color-Changing Milk (so, no yuck!, you can tell it’s sour) and several cartoons. One suggestion: Dude, those scanned typed pages are tough to read! (Plus, as images, the written content gets overlooked by Google.)

Check the righthand rail for more brainstormer sites worth checking out, like Millions of Hundred-Dollar Ideas (seriously, Onion Ring ice cream?).

3 thoughts on “‘Steal My Ideas’ Stolen?!

  1. It’s like your site is the chicken, and mine of course is the egg from which all is, and always will, be incubated in and hatched-forth from, ad infinitum. Impossibly, in this case, you’re website did exist first.

    But, you’ll notice the titles are decidedly different. Whereas my site ‘Steal My Ideas’ is a statement (a command, if you will), yours is a polite request (or plead(?)).

    As for that other guy: he stole my idea.

  2. Those are some pretty good links. It’s good to know people are out there doing stuff.
    Onion Ring Ice Cream is really good, the hotter the onion rings the better. MoHDI turns 1 year old on the 6th of June! whoooo hooo. I’ve been thinking of some ways to celebrate good thing there are so many steal my idea sites to get inspiration from….

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