Snow Angel Spinoffs

Why don’t people make “snow angels” in sand … on grass … in cornfields? (“I tell you, Marge, some aliens made flattened 40 stalks again last night.”)  Make a “crop angel” … turn your body 90 degrees, and repeat — you have a “crop circle.”

And what other designs could a sitting or lying person make in snow? Sit up with your legs apart, outstretched, and you’ll make a V. Hmm, it’s about 60 degrees — one sixth of a circle. So turn to land the left leg where the right leg was, and let the right back down. Repeat until you’ve done a full rotation, creating a six-pointed star. Now get up so you step only in the marks. Then add footprints as desired — like little V’s at the tip of each leg mark — to create a snowflake design. 

How to make big snowflake design in snow

Follow a train of thought … and you never know what village you’ll find up in. Funny that I titled this “spinoffs” before I knew where it was going.

Another fun-in-the-snow idea: “Ice Cube Tray Makes Snowman Facial Features” 

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