The Squeaky Rug Alarm System

Want to know when someone’s entering your house? Could be a loved one, friend or foe. Now you can with Noisy Doors and Squeaky Rugs. What’s great about Squeaky Rugs, they’d be also laugh for kids who’d diabolically dance up a sonic storm. (Maybe not so much for stressed-out parents.) I’m imagining they sound like squeaky toys, but any audio is thinkable.  

Another of my alarming ideas: “The Toilet Overflow Alarm.”

And here’s one from Carnegie Mellon: “The Reverse Alarm Clock” for kids. It’s supposed to teach them to stay in bed. A CNet blog dubs it a bad idea. For kids perhaps. But I’d like a clock that on Saturday mornings neutralizes lawn mower noises and lets you sleep. That’s a Reverse Alarm Clock many might love.

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