Curved Barbecue Skewers

Here’s a great idea touted on a cool website: The curved barbecue grills better, fits better on a plate, and looks cool too.

Makes me wonder: What else would be better curved? Golf clubs that come preshaped for wrapping around a tree? … knives for cutting around the cores and pits of apples, pineapples and mangos …  tomato stakes so the fruits will hang for easier pickin’ … pool cues for shots around balls that are in the way … crutches for fat people … hot dogs that fit on hamburger buns … fireplace pokers that let you poke more safely from the side, out of the most likely line of fire of sudden sparks … telescopes that give you eyes in the back of your head …

Two earlier kitchen ideas: Paper Napkin-Potholders for Microwaved Food and the Pizza Cutter for Vegetables.

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