Mouseover Still Videos

gif animation of family still pictures

Imagine a bunch of your pictures superimposed in some ghostly way. As you mouseover different spots, different pictures appear. Mouseover quickly, and you’ll make a kind of movie out of stills. Which cursor path you pick will determine which story you’ll see and whether it makes sense. Maybe there’s a numbered grid so you can keep track of which routes you like.

Here’s an example of sorts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually create this (a bit beyond my expertise) so I put together an animation of what it might look like. The folks in the pictures? My wife, Anne, son Alex and daughter Corinne. (Some of my favorite pictures of Anne … seeing her sense of humor flash in a situation some wouldn’t find funny at all.) Just refresh to reactivate.

An artform waiting to be developed? Or something others have already tried, but hasn’t caught on? Might be a fun way to view lots of stills in one space quickly.

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