Foam Finger Salute to 10,000 Losses!

The Philadelphia Phillies are converging on 10,000 losses in their history — the most, supposedly of any professional sports franchise. (At least since Groink the Caveman started the Prehistoric Arrow Catching League, whose contests always ended in sudden death. I hear the Visiting Christians may also have had a similar record vs. the Colliseum Lions.) Read all about it on and So radio shows in Philly fans have been asking for slogans and T-shirt ideas to help mark the dysoccasion. Here’s my idea … know those We’re No. 1 foam fingers? (Here’s a mini version.) Well, make up some #0’s and you and four friends can spell out 10,000. (Or you and 1.5 friends, if you use both hands. Hey, why not use that mini idea and have it all fit on five fingers on one hand?) Of course, in Philly, we’d have to call these the Phoam Phingers of Phillies Phutility. 

Foam fingers with zeros to mark Phillies phutility

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