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What good do ideas do gathering dust in a drawer, bogarting electron holes on a disk? No good. So might as well share them. Maybe they can do you some good. Not asking anything in return. See something you like? Just call "dibs." More.
Peter Mucha

New Theme Song!

Cool! Never had a theme song before. Listen. Drew Anderson of MoHDI was nice enough to write this for me! You, too, can get "One Awesome Song."

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The Scale Shoe

Illustration of Who needs a bathroom scale? Nobody. Not when somebody makes and markets these handy Scale Shoes. Of course, for some people, who, how shall we say?, have trouble peering over their belts, the digital readout will have to speak. Or, since who wants everyone else to hear?, send a text message or email. Check the out the suggested name on the end of the toe: Step This Weigh.  


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