Adding Gadgets Galore to Shoes

supershoe 350Nutcracker shoes. Lawn Sprinkler Shoes. Just a couple of ideas from my third “Brain Reps” post on

They kind of grew out of my recent post on The Scale Shoe. An earlier idea: Seat Shoes.

Here’s the main part of the article.

Let’s see how many ideas we can horn into shoes!

Shoes goes everywhere, so why not let them carry stuff? Secret Compartment Shoe. The Pocket Shoe.

Add other electronics: The Mini Microwave Shoe. (With Automatic Shutoff Odor Detector so no stinky feet near that breakfast sandwich.)

The Radar Shoe for blind people. [Or finding your way in the dark.]

The Shoe Cam for finding change, getting a different perspective on life, and maybe spotting snakes or peeking under bushes while on hikes. (Uh-oh! Tough to skirt the potential perv-enabling problem.) So put cams on underwater rubber shoes, to spot shells, sharp objects, toe-pinching crabs and skulking sharks.

Here’s one I like: The Nutcracker Shoe. Got some walnuts or filberts that need shellshock? Load your sole and crunch, crunch, crunch, done! …

But how about the Sprinkler Shoe? Fill a backpack tank, and as you mow you water or fertilize your lawn.

The Weather Station Shoe could tell you how hot the pavement is in summer, how cold in winter, pick up forecasts, measure barometic pressure and humidity, calculate lightning distances, beam built-in fog lights, and most of all, be so superinsulated you’re lightning-proof. Actually, sounds all wet to me.

Actually, what we all want most: Levitation Shoes.

OK, we haven’t exactly upstaged Maxwell Smart, the secret agent who used a shoe phone. But what if we crammed all sorts of electronics, from cams to scales to TV set to toe-beam flashlight? Would we have the equivalent of an i-Phone Shoe?

Or cram everything in there, including weapons, magnifying glass, vacuum, bug spray and corkscrew. You’d have the Swiss Army Shoe. Gee, with one of each of those, why, what reason would be left for walking?

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