Fall-Proof Cars

At the risk (no, certainly) of possibly being tasteless, the Minneapolis bridge collapse made me think: Could cars be designed to be bridge-collapse-resistant? It was amazing how many motorists survived. Does that mean cars, unintentionally, are made to withstand falls? If so, what could enhancements do? Have bigger tires, better shocks, ceiling airbags, sunroofs that double as escape hatches, drop-down breathing apparatus (like in planes) good for underwater or gas attacks, seats that serve (again like airplanes) as flotations, or even parachutes with or without ejection seats. Hazy Hollywood reverie perhaps. (De)Generate ideas first, judge later. 

One thought on “Fall-Proof Cars

  1. Why would you expend $$$ to make enhancements for a .0000000something probability event? The enhancements themselves might cause other problems. Whatever $$$ such an enhancement would cost would be better spent on anything from better visibility, better usability of onboard electroinics, highway signage, etc.

    Lame ass idea.

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