Ack, I Need a Wireless Brain-to-Blog Link

I mean, I just haven’t had the time to blog lately. I have ideas … and some new cartoons. But other projects are just pulling me away. So I need to wirelessly blog while I’m driving. But how to draw? Let’s invent Dictatable Drawing! It’s a program that you train to follow your instructions. “Let’s do a face. Give a bulbous nose, kind of like W.C. Fields. Pointy ears like Spock….” Etc. And it would somehow know from previous interactions what kind of image you wanted. “No, make the eyes bigger, with green slits for pupils.” Imagine what a blind person might able to do … especially if you had Dictatable Sculpture. This blog entry finally proves to me I really am nuts. Who would ever think of such a thing on the spot?

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