Food Printers

Sure, why not? Here’s a cartridge with Cheese Whiz. Here’s one with Instant Pudding in several “colors.” Or slip in the Marinara Module. Or the Ionizing Icing Applicator. You feed (pun intended) in sheets of edible “paper” — beef jerky pulp, pasta paper, flexible crackers (well, they’ll get “crackery” after they dry or baked, pliable cookie dough, flat licorice ribbons, marshmallow mats, whatever can be made flat. You design your “food” on your computer, of course, and print it either ready-to-eat, or ready-to-bake. Yumm! Mom, I made this myself. Of course, like most “cutting edge” technology, this will first appear as a toy. The successor to the E-Z Bake Oven, it’s the Quee-Z Munchie Maker …then the HP SnackJet. Gonna happen … if it hasn’t already.

An earlier prediction: You Know It’s Coming: Talking and Singing Food.

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