Cat Food Topping

Finicky Koko turns up her nose at all sorts of canned cat food. It’s unpredictable. Tough to track what she likes and doesn’t. Now we humans often liven up our food with sauces and dressings and cheese. So why not toppings for cats? Rancid Carcass Remoulade. Wild Chipmunk Salsa. Minced-Up Mice Marinara. Grated Meowzerrella. A glop on top, or a few sprinkles, and, presto, the Shrimp & Salmon Gumbo gets gobbled.

Our other cat, who fine-and-dandy with dry cat food, is Teddy. She’s the subject of “I Hate My Mom’s Cat,” by our daughter, Corinne Mucha. Hey, here’s a part about Koko, which might help you understand Koko’s eating problems.

Koko the cat by Corinne Mucha

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