When Machines Crack the Language Code

Holy freakin’ s-bomb. Think about this: When the day comes that machines master language, we’re all ego-doomed. Since anyone can implant a language chip in their brain (or at least in an earpiece), everybody can instantly find the best words. Then nothing will ever again believe that anyone is clever! No, it’s not you, babe, it’s your chip! Worse, website will let their new blogatrons lose, adding content faster than even reading machines can process it. Yeeks. It’ll be pandemonium robot blabbermouths, worse than a C3PO army with verborrhea. Human pride will take a huge tumble … and all sorts of word-related jobs will go the way of typesetters and typewriters. It that you Mr. President, or your robot language wrangler making that speech?

“Answering Machines That Really Do Answer” will be put to shame … as will we all.

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