The Behavioral S.A.T.s

Forget math, verbal and writing skills. Before a college accepts anybody, that person should have to pass a behavioral S.A.T. A couple of recent stories, including a Penn State player accused of rape, and a Rider student who died of a heroid overdose, remind of all the dopey deeds that can mess up college students’ lives. So imagine a multiple choice test ….

If a person says “No, I don’t want to have sex with you,” you should (a) assume they’re lying (b) act as if you didn’t hear, or (c) keep your pants on until you get a signed contract or videotaped consent, until you want to spend your 20s in a jail.

Heroin is (a) a fun and safe drug (b) something is so dangerous and addictive you should never try it (c) a word for a female hero.

You can die from (a) driving while drunk (b) excessive alcohol consumption, also known as “binge drinking” (c) mixing drugs and alcohol (d) overdoing most illegal drugs (e) all of the above.

Other subjects: Pregnancy, STDs, cheating, hygiene, suicidal thoughts, a history of abuse, witnessing a crime, dealing with anger, speeding …

Anyone who can’t pass this test (sure, take it again, it’s a learning experience!) doesn’t belong in college.  Hmm, maybe this should be part of a high school, no junior high, admissions test.

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