Think Like a Kid

WHEN you get stuck on a particular project, try thinking like a kid. Not stupid, but “gee whiz.” Wouldn’t it be cool if …. Tried this on one game I’ve been working on, and my inner kid said, “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if the sharks got twice as big?” Made me laugh. Might work. … On another game, one that’s been frustrating me for years, I’ve tried everything to fix a certain flaw. My psychic / gestalt / intuitive effort brought some voice that said, “Just turn it over.” I saw a picture of the board being turned over. Didn’t understand it. Still don’t. So today I tried the Inner Kid. Well, the Inner Kid got cranky, saying, I don’t want to play this game, forget it, it’s not fun, just give up. Then somehow, giving up gave me a new idea: Instead of forcing the pieces to get in sync, just give the troublemakers up! “Here, you have this piece that I can’t win. I hope to win the rest.”

Not sure this method can analyzed, but let’s try: (1) It would be cool if … (2) I’m not having fun here … (3) Let’s create a story … Let’s make inert parts come alive, become creatures, characters … (4) Gotta have a happy ending … (5) Let’s ignore logic and grown-up rules … Here’s what we want, so let’s just make it happen. … (6) Oh, put some dogs in it. Or cats. And villains.

Not sure my Inner Kid (different from your inner child, by the way) speaks for most kids, but that’s what it’s telling me to say today.

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