Writers Strike Reprieve: Recycling & Remakes

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m in support of writers getting what’s fair, and I hope the strike is settled soon. But, sorry, I can’t help myself, when I think of an idea.

If TV shows have no NEW material, how about using OLD material? Seriously. Jay Leno could recycle old jokes. It’s not like we remember them all. Ditto for the Oscars. Even just run clips of the best Oscar host quips ever. And why doesn’t TV do remakes? All these crime shows could probably recycle scripts from bygone days. Or even go totally out of character and have the cast of Desperate Housewives redo some famous old costume drama — it could be a real event. Have the cast of Heroes do Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Have CSI try Wild, Wild West. Have The Office do Hamlet … or How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. There’s so much old material, gotta be some with readily available rights. It wouldn’t work for long, but over the short haul, it could be a fun change of pace from 30 Models With Suitcases Stranded on an Island With Biggest Loser Wife-Swapping Nanny-Needin’ Families.

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