‘Lost’ season premiere: Is Jack’s dad back?

From Lost: Jack's dad Christian Shepard or JacobI totally missed this during the show, but people online herethere and also here are saying that the man Hurley saw in the chair in Jacob’s cabin sure looked a lot like Jack’s dad, Christian Shepard (played by John Terry). Makes sense, since it sure seemed Jack thought his dad was still alive in the season-finale flash-forward. Besides, the father’s coffin was empty on the island. So I guess he’s one of of Hurley’s “Oceanic Six”! Now, otherwise I don’t recall seeing him in a single scene. So isn’t it odd that imdb.com lists this episode, “Beginning of the End,” among John Terry’s credits?! That seems like confirmation. Here’s a link to a posted screencap of the man in the chair, which I’ve brightened a bit to make it more tantalizingly clear.

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