Steal These Lyrics: It’s Only Love

I wrote these lyrics some time ago and I don’t know why. So, yes, certainly, somebody feel free, if you agree, to steal these lyrics and turn them into a song.

It’s only love, don’t you care …
Just ordinary, boring love …
It’s only love, for those who dare
feel ordinary, boring love

Sure you can do better
be more dramatic, more emphatic
I’d rather write a letter
about my boring love

It sure ain’t boring to me, of course
being in love with you
Maybe you’d rather ride a horse
or paint your fingers blue

That’s more dramatic
more emphatic
Than my silly, boring love
snoring …
yawn … love

I know I’m not enough
I could be much better
I could invent, circumvent stuff
be a real go-getter

Set the world on fire
Be a famous liar
answer why oh why are
you bored by my love?

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