Be Everywhere Eternally

“Be here now” is familiar spiritual advice. To live in the timeless present is to be one with the One, to know God … or at least have a simpler, happier life. Ah, there’s always the rub of intention. Can’t try, can’t think, can’t conceptualize your way to true nowness. Indeed, if you overthink “here” it sounds small, not there, and if you overthink “now” you might repress your past and thoughts about the future. So what if they aimlessly drift by? If when meditating or uncogitating, you’re having trouble with “be here now,” go opposite: Be everywhere eternally. Let it all hang out, man. Let your mind soar through vast space, back to the Big Bang, ahead to the Big Fade-Out Whimper Thing. Sounds closer to the One anyway, doesn’t it?

PS. Sorry I haven’t posted for quite a while. Been off on mental journeys. I did take notes. So I hope to be dropping off more reports. And some invention ideas, too.

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