Beyond Selfyness

Speaking of “selfyness,” that might be stealmyideasplease’s main flaw. Even when I blogged almost daily, can’t see the site really caught on. Should have … visited other sites and linked to them, for better e-karma … figured out how to involve others more.

What if, instead, anyone could post an idea? Or post links to other good ideas? Some sites like that do exist — and So what else could be tried?
I’m curious about It lets people set up social networks, the way anyone can set up a blog. Seems to have more features in terms of people having profiles and identities and being able to form groups.

Perhaps it could cultivate the seed I planted with my Collaborations Lab.  Add a place where ideas can be requested, fixed and upgraded. Maybe do joint ventures, like novels that are jointly authored and edited. Need help … and time.

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