Lyrics: Crippled By Love

I’m crippled by love
Can’t talk, can’t get up off this couch
Somebody give me a shove
Cause I’m crippled by love

Did she do me wrong?
Maybe she did me so right
I can’t get her out
of my mental sight

Can’t eat, can’t smoke
can’t tell a joke
My body’s crushed by love,
like, held down from above

My mind’s all tied in knots
I’m too whacked to loosen
Don’t know how, don’t know when
Don’t know yoga, don’t know Zen.

I’ll probably lie here forever
Watching a blank TV
Can’t move, can’t love,
can’t drink, can’t think,
can’t shout, just pout,
Yes, I’m crippled, crippled, crippled by love

ps: This is isn’t about me now, but it sure was once.

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