Reinventing Plants and Animals

Ideally, shouldn’t every vegetable grow on vines? Like carrots. And mini-beets.  Easier to pick.

Make fruits easier to peel using banana genes.

It would be nice to have a ripening-speed button: Slow, fast, STOP! Or at least modify fruits so they’d ripen properly after being purchased.

What if tree could move? If they could walk, you wouldn’t have to carry them. Or do to them to pick fruit. They could line up and bend over and shake their limbs so the fruits fall into nets or baskets. Even if they couldn’t walk, the bending over part could be helpful.

What if other animals could be put to work? I’d like squirrels to clean my gutters, trim branches (using their teeth) away from wires and windows, crack nuts.

Chipmunks that fetch dropped objects from low and away places.

Cats could lick envelopes, shred private papers, tear open difficult packaging.

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