I’m writing this on an Acer mini netbook I recently bought. Love its portability (2 lbs!) and affordable price ($350). Screen’s glarey in sunlight, but keyboard’s big enough for even my large paws. Anyway, for even more portability, why not invent the CompuSleeve? suggests a friend, Danielle Comisky. It’s a touch-screen computer that curls around your forearm. Take it with you wherever you go. Cover it to protect it with a jacket or shirtsleeve. At home, use it to read your cybernewspaper or do other computer tasks without needing any table space. Maybe there’s a bracelet that turns the touch screen on or off, or switches it between modes. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been thought of before, but I like to write these things down before researching, to avoid being influenced.

Other computer hardware ideas: The Trackball-Therapy Ball Chair and The Big Toe-Tappable Computer Keyboard.


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