Turn Down Your Inner Volume

turn down your inner volume

Now I know this will sound a little … nuts / spacey / new agey / silly … you take your pick. But I had an interesting experience today. While in a store, I felt myself get quiet. Now I’m not saying relaxed or peaceful. Or mindless or egoless. No, I was just my normal self. Except that I stopped thinking LOUDLY. See how weird that sounds? But I found out that instead of talking quietly to myself, well, I kind of talk assertively, forcefully, LOUDLY … I kind of even yell (but silently) apparently often. Does this make sense to you? Oh, and if there’s music running in my head, I played that loudly too. So down went the volume, and another interesting feeling happened. I felt as it I had vanished … or had become some stealthy silent ghost. I expected people to bump into me. Explanation? Well, before, apparently, I talked in LOUD silence subconsciously thinking it made people notice me. Ego thoughts loudly running through head over here, look at me! Or something like that. So turning down the sound created the counter illusion of invisibility. Kind of cool. Kind of comforting. Kind of scary, too.

Probably worth trying as a meditation technique.

Here’s a link to another serving of Mind Helper: “Be Everywhere Eternally.”

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