ideas from Steal My Ideas Please

Time for many of our best ideas to be set free.

Over the years, Steal My Ideas, Please, has generated many suggestions with high success potential.

Some have already been adopted, like in-store apps for shoppers, projection nightlights for spooked-out kids, and wraps evolving into flaps. Not “stolen” … more like coincidence / inevitability / anticipating trends.

Others deserve their day in the sun. Take marshmallow duckies. What kid wouldn’t love seeing them float in hot chocolate?

A Return to Sender label might reduce your junk mail pile.

Homeland Heroes Day might honor all sorts of underpaid and underappreciated people, while unifying the nation in a feel-good way.

Here are some other favorites, some just because they’re funny:

FREE MONEY?! Sell Ads on $1 Bill

Fight Asteroid With Asteroid

How to Find Things: A 12-Step Checklist

Diet Mittens


The Self-Turning Hot Dog

 How to Open Plastic Produce Bags Quickly and Easily

Random Excuse Generator?

A Better Way to Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

How to Solve ‘Spot the Differences’ Puzzles in Seconds!

Rebuild Glaciers With Snow Machines?

Testimonial to Clinical Ecology: Food Allergy Testing

Toilet Overflow Alarm

Oh, Oh, Oreo Construction Kits

The Key to Getting Rich

Newspaper Ideas: Gasp! Not TV-Like Teasers on Page One!

Sense of Humor Pills

Double-Ring or Two-Crust Pizza

Teach Math People Really Use: Probability and Statistics

Make Presidents More Accountable: Divide the Job

Heretical Baseball Idea: Two Strikes, Three Balls

How the Dead Could Blog

The Ultimate Urban Car

Girls Scouts Should Sell Doggie Treats, Too

National Total-Tax-Refund Lottery

‘Know News’: So That Explains It!

Lighter-Than-Air Snacks

— Peter Mucha